Computer System Conversion:

Why is FFCU upgrading their computer system?

We are upgrading our system to an advanced data processing system which will make it possible to offer new services to the membership. We will be able to process member transactions faster than ever.

With this new system, FFCU will now be able to offer:

  • eStatements will be offered
  • Receipts will change to an easier to read format and reduced paper usage
  • New and improved home banking system
  • Phone Answer Line (PAL) - we have added an additional 4 lines to help handle extra call volume and PAL will be availble in Spanish as well
  • Check imaging will be available starting August 11, 2011 through CU@home

What changes can I expect?

You will need to redo PIN & security questions for CU@home and Bill Pay.

Suffix numbers are changing. You will only see this on your statements and receipts.

Product Old Suffix # New Account #
Regular Savings 1 1
Checking 90 2
CIA 60 or 80 3
Special Savings 20-30 10
Vacation Club 50 11
Christmas Club 100 11
Loans L1 - 121
Certificate and Share Secured Loans C1 - 143
Mortgages M1 - 171

What will remain the same?

  • Membership Account Number ("suffix" numbers are now called "account" numbers on the new system)
  • Checks - continue to use the same checks
  • ATM/Debit Card
  • Any electronic deposits to your account(s) will continue to be posted as usual.

For the most part, the changes will take place internally and will not directly affect you. For more information on FFCU's computer conversion, please call 1-800-837-3262 to speak to a Member Service Representative.

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