Mobile Phone Access - Frequently Asked Questions

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For a quick reference guide on mobile banking CLICK HERE.

What is Mobile Phone Access?

Mobile phone access allows FFCU members to bank anytime, anywhere from the convenience of their mobile phones and devices. This FREE service provides secure access to credit union accounts so members can:

  • View account balances and recent activity
  • Search account activity
  • Transfer funds

The platform offers multiple access methods:

  • Text banking
  • Mobile browser (web-based)

How do I enroll?

Signing up is easy. On a computer, members choose the mobile phone access link or CLICK HERE. On the website members enroll, create a user name and password, and register their mobile device(s). New enrollees are prompted to enter their primary account number, name, and last 5 digits of social security number. They are then asked for up to (4) pieces of information in order to authenticate their identity. Answers must match the data on record with the credit union. Within minutes, a text message is sent to the registered phone confirming enrollment and prompting the member to activate the service on their device.

NOTE: A text messaging and/or data plan is generally recommended, as data usage can become expensive for heavy users without a plan. For lighter usage, a "pay-as-you-go plan" may be more economical for some members. Members should check with their wireless carrier for more information.

Do users need to have a specific type of phone?

Text banking will work on most text-capable phones from a supported carrier. The mobile browser is supported on most phones with a web browser that supports cookies and WAP 2.0. The downloadable application is device specific.

For a list of currently supported devices, CLICK HERE and then click on FAQs.

I activated mobile banking on my phone's browser. Why am I being asked to activate again?

At the time of activation, a "cookie" is stored on your phone's browser which allows the Mobile Banking system to remember that you activated. Some phones may require you to enable cookies or periodically erase them, requiring reactivation. If you are experiencing this issue, check your phone settings to ensure that cookies are enabled. To re-activate your phone, text R to CUACCT to receive a new activation code or visit the enrollment site.

How is mobile banking security provided?

Mobile banking utilizes best practices from online banking. Only your enrolled phone(s) can access your accounts. In addition, no account data is ever stored on the phone. And in the event your phone is lose or stolen, the service can be immediately disabled by returning to the enrollment website and using a device maintenance function.

Security features include:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Device timeout
  • No personal data stored on device
  • 128-bit encryption over SSL

Text Banking

All text banking messages are sent to the mobile banking shortcode which is 282228 (CUACCT). Members request banking functions by sending simple commands to the shortcode.

Command Functions:
Summary of balances for all available accounts B or BAL
Summary of recent transactions per account, in descending order by date (most recent first) H or HIST
Transfer money between eligible accounts T or TRA
Help content for text banking HE or HELP
Login L or Login
Cancels text banking S or STOP
Recover - to retrieve a new activation code and URL R or RECOVER
List of available text banking commands C or CMD

Mobile Browser

With the mobile browser, members go to online banking on their web-enabled phones to interact with the credit union. Users of downloadable application, launch the application. Both methods provide access to account balances, transaction history, ability to transfer funds between accounts, and to search for ATM or Shared Branch locations. Screen appearance may vary.

Credit Union Support

Please contact FFCU at 1-800-837-3262 if you encounter any of the following issues during enrollment, activation and initial use:
  • Enrollment Declined
  • Initial text message not received
  • Activation code expired
  • Application freezes
  • Error Messages
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