SEG Membership

Sign up today to be a Select Employer Group (SEG) at the Fort.


Step 1 – Draft a letter  (SEG Sample Letter)

Draft a letter to the Board of Directors on your company’s/organization’s letterhead requesting to join/sponsor Fort Financial as your company’s/ organization’s credit union. Your letter will serve as your application.

Step 2 – Address the envelope

Address the envelope to the Business Development Officer.

Step 3 – Approval

Following adoption from our board of directors and the NCUA, which takes approximately 1 week, we are ready for the next step.

Step 4 – Announce it to your employees!

Our representative will take it from there, coordinating with your employee benefits personnel to implement our Member Benefits Education program.

Step 5 – Final Phase

Once everything has been approved, we can start the Member Benefits Education program. Our representative will schedule a sign up date to get your employees/members started. Refer to the Service Agreement Checklist.

From there, we will send out posters to inform your employees/members of our products and services or any special rates or promotional items we are offering. Payroll inserts and direct mail pieces may be utilized for the same purpose. We can also provide information regarding our new products and services in your newsletter, via special events/meetings and in handbook inserts, so that your new and existing employees will be aware of all that we have to offer.

Later, as you bring on new employees/members, we can periodically schedule sign ups to make sure they have an opportunity to take advantage of their company-provided benefit.

Becoming a SEG

There are more benefits at the Fort! Fort Financial has you and your employees’ best interests at heart. Fort Financial is able to provide your employees and their family members with affordable financial services and products they may not be able to get on their own. Best of all, offering your employees credit union benefits and better financial opportunities through Fort Financial will not cost your organization a dime!

  • There are no fees to pay – all it takes is a letter.
  • You won’t lose time administrating this program.
  • We will supply everything to educate your employees once your organization is a sponsor, so they can fully utilize all of our benefits.

We offer a full range of low-cost products and services for our members with thousands of locations nationwide. Our Fort Financial representative will explain our “Explore Your Member Benefits” brochure including a complete list of our products, locations, and hours.

In addition to service for members, Fort Financial also offers business accounts to small- and medium-sized member businesses. Your local Fort Financial representative will explain everything needed to get started with our beneficial and low cost business account program.


Whether it’s a simple savings account or planning their retirement, we are sure to offer your employees exactly what they are looking for.

We offer 24-hour access to all member accounts through ATMs, PAL (Phone Answer Line), Online Banking and Mobile Banking.

In addition to all of our own branches, we are a part of the Credit Union Service Center network which gives our members access to their Fort Financial accounts at thousands of locations across the U.S. and abroad (many with extended hours and surcharge-free ATMs). Our members can do virtually all of their banking at these locations as if they were at a Fort Financial branch.

Our online bill pay will put your employees’ minds to rest. With no checks to write, it can be used to make recurring or one-time-only payments.


At Fort Financial, your employees can be confident their money is secure. This exceptional level of coverage is attained through Federal insurance. Member funds are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) up to $250,000.

Direct Deposit

For total convenience, you can provide direct deposit/payroll deduction for your employees to Fort Financial. Direct deposit means lower administrative costs for you, the employer. For your employees, it means no more frustration or distractions during their workday, worrying about depositing their paycheck in their accounts, losing their check or standing in long lines on payday.

ACH/Wire Transfer

If your company is already set up on a direct deposit program that routes through the Federal Reserve’s Automatic Clearing House (ACH) network, Fort Financial can accept deposits into our members’ accounts from any institution.

Lower Costs + Fewer Worries = Happier, More Productive Employees!

As the employer, providing your employees with low-cost financial products and services and cutting-edge convenience goes a long way towards completing this equation.

Apply to be a SEG today! Send us your letter to start the process.