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Our checking solutions provide convenience and flexibility to help you manage your money more efficiently.

Interest Checking: Gives you access to your funds at any time and features the opportunity to earn dividends on your hard-earned money.
OneChoice Checking: Provides you with access to your funds at any time and features several complimentary services.
OneChoice Business Checking: Gives business owners access to their funds at any time. It features many complimentary services and provides the opportunity to earn dividends.

Additional Options

Overdraft Protection  – $3 per transfer

Need some additional protection against overdrafts? Overdraft Protection gives you piece of mind knowing that the credit union will transfer funds from any savings account to cover drafts from checking accounts. For just $3.00 per overdraft protection transfer, you can rest assured your account is protected from overdrafting. Overdraft loans (line of credit) are attached to checking accounts to provide protection from overdrafts and are available to members for no fee. Members may determine sequence in which accounts are access to cover overdrafts.

Courtesy Pay – $33 per transaction

Courtesy Pay will pay up to $400 of account negative balance. Courtesy Pay is a service that adds a measure of protection to your checking account. Courtesy Pay may cover your insufficient funds checks, up to your approved limit, for one low fee, per covered overdraft transaction. That means, instead of returning a check to the merchant because of insufficient funds, the credit union may pay your check, saving you additional charges from the merchant collection companies, in addition to the credit union’s insufficient fund fee. It saves you the embarrassment an inadvertent overdraft can cause. It also helps protect your credit rating.

ATM/Debit Card

  • No annual fee
  • One card instead of two
  • Part of the no-surcharge Alliance One network
  • Fraud protection
  • 5 FREE “anywhere” PIN transactions/month*
  • Accepted at ATMs worldwide and wherever Visa® is accepted.
  • More convenient than writing checks
  • Safer than carrying cash

Alliance One ATM Network

Alliance One LogoAccess your money from thousands of ATMs all over the world through the Alliance One ATM Network and make purchases anywhere Visa® is accepted with no check writing hassles!


*ATM Tips

5 FREE “anywhere” PIN transactions/month – We don’t charge you to use anyone else’s ATM up to 5 times a month! Fort Financial-owned ATMs do not count towards the 5 FREE per month and are always FREE! After you reach your 5 FREE “anywhere” ATM transactions/month, it’s a modest $1/transaction. You may receive a surcharge from the ATM machine owner so look for the “Alliance One Network” for potential non-surcharge ATMs. PIN-based debit card transactions will count toward these five. Transactions include balance inquiries and withdrawals. Non-Fort Financial members/foreign ATM users will be charged a $3 fee per transaction.

Debit Card Tips

When making a purchase with your Fort Financial-issued debit card, please be certain to choose CREDIT instead of DEBIT. By selecting CREDIT, your transaction will be completed through the Visa® network, which requires you to sign a receipt just as you would with a traditional credit card transaction to verify your identity. With this selected method, you will be able to take advantage of the zero liability fraud protection and consequently further protecting your PIN from being stolen. From the credit union’s perspective, we recommend that you choose CREDIT as it can help you avoid ATM fees and surcharges now and into the future. When you select DEBIT and enter your PIN, the transaction is routed through an ATM network requiring Fort Financial to pay the cost for routing the transaction. This raises the cost of the transaction and eventually raises the costs on to you. So remember when making purchases with your Fort Financial debit card, choose CREDIT to keep your finances safe.