Certificate of Deposit (CD)

moneymarketscertwebCertificate of Deposit (CD) is specifically designated for long-term savings. It is a secure way to save money for a set period of time, while you earn a predictable rate of return.


Makes you money by offering higher dividends on funds you don’t need routine access to.

Offers you peace of mind by knowing you will earn the same rate throughout the term of the deposit.

Offers you peace of mind by knowing that your savings are federally insured.

Minimum opening balance $500 for 3-month to 60-month term
Terms 3 months to 60 months
Deposits Not permitted except at maturity
Withdrawals A penalty will be incurred if you withdrawal the principal from the account before the maturity date.
Dividends The dividend rate is determined by the term you choose. Check Truth-in-Savings Rate and Fee Disclosure for current rates. Dividends are calculated daily and credited monthly.
Statements You will receive either monthly or quarterly statements, depending on your account activity.

Additional Information

  • Certificates will mature as indicated on the account receipt or renewal notice.
  • With a 30-Month COMFORT Certificate, you can bump up your Fort Financial rate one time during the term of the certificate and add additional funds at the same time.
  • You must have an open checking account with Fort Financial to open the 30-Month COMFORT Certificate.
  • The funds in the 30-Month COMFORT Certificate may be pledged to secure obligations with Fort Financial, but not with other institutions.